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Dear All, 

I would like to Congratulate the entire Darcy Road Public School P&C family and wider parents community on the launch of the much needed online presence. The need to have a P&C website and online uniform shop has never been stronger than today in these testing times of lockdown. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted most of us to our homes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone around in the community. The online website will provide the P&C and parents a space to connect and communicate effectively during these times and going forward. P&C will provide updates on events, activities and uniform shop regularly using the website. 

I would like to thank current P&C Executive team, specially Gopinath Rao, Sadia Khan and Brajmala for their extensive support in the development, design and testing of the website. Specially, Brajmala has spent numerous hours in testing the features and functionalities of online uniform shop.

I would also like to thank Brajmala, Vaibhavi, Dimple, Shivani and Swetha for spending over 4 hours in order to complete the entire uniform stock take which was essential for moving the inventory to online uniform shop. It was a mammoth effort and P&C highly appreciate the commitment and time provided by the team.

At the end, I would also like to wish all of the wonderful Mother’s in our executive team, P&C members and parent community , a very very happy Mother’s Day.

Somvir Bhatti, President DRPS P&C

The Global Pandemic Covid-19 has compelled us to stay indoors. In this lockdown, Darcy Road Public School has suited its focus to online learning and unlocked the hidden ages of our children to do their bit of ‘tireless strivings’.

As adage truly goes, “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them”.

Maintain social distancing, stay safe and I wish all the children ‘Happy Learning from Home’.

Sadia Khan, Vice President, DRPS P&C

Hello Everyone,  

In these unprecedented times of social distancing norms, the DRPS P&C Association in its bid to beat the distancing with virtual proximity , is going to launch a website of its own. As the schooling switched towards online learning, we firmly believe that the P&C also should gear up for the online presence. Through this new platform, the DRPS P&C will be making every effort to keep the families and communities informed about all the happenings and also will continue its endeavour to safeguard the interests of parents.  

We have chosen this Mothers day as the right occasion to kick start this  milestone in the history of DRPS P&C Association . As someone rightly said “ In the waves of Change we find our new Direction .”

Sheila Naidu, Vice President, DRPS P&C

A message from Gouri Banik, Executive Officer, DRPS P&C

I wish all the best and congratulates the team on launching new P&C website. It was a much-needed website for a long time back. Now all Darcy Road student’s families will be able to know what’s happening in our school community. 

I wish Happy Mother’s Day to all amazing mothers and soon-to-be mothers. Wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve. I hope you will enjoy this special day with your kids and partner/husband. 

I know it is very hard during this lockdown and social distancing time, please keep practising this social distancing as long as you can. We need to maintain it for our family, friends, relative and community safely. We had never been in this situation in our lifetime. Hope it will get over soon. Till then, we need to keep ourselves and our community safe. Stay home, stay safe.

Congratulations to Darcy Road Public School’s P&C on the launch of the new website.
Brajmala Kumari, Uniform Shop Co-ordinator, DRPS P&C

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