Darcy Road Public School P&C

How You Can Help Your P&C

Hello Darcy Road Parents,

My name is Mark Taylor and I am your local Member in the NSW Parliament.

I’m also a dad of two school-aged kids and my wife works at a local school so I am invested as you are in the education of our children.

One of the most important roles to me, as a local Member, is engaging with each P&C of all of our local schools.

Each P&C will tell me what their School needs to assist and enrich the education and learning of its students, your kids.

You can help Darcy Road P&C by getting involved and sharing your ideas and concerns about the future of DRPS with the Darcy Road P&C.

I have a great relationship with the Darcy Road P&C and we have been successful partners for a number of years.

Since you elected me as your local Member in 2015, I have been involved with:

  • Securing funding for a major upgrade of core facilities and additional permanent teaching spaces at DRPS
  • Purchasing new Hindi books for the multicultural library
  • Purchasing over 40 national flags for the front quadrangle
  • Attending the Ghandi Exhibition, Diwali celebrations, and Presentation Days
  • Showcasing DRPS to the Minister for Multiculturalism
  • Hosting meetings of parent sub-committees

Congratulations to the current DRPS P&C Association for the building this website and for providing a platform for the broader DRPS community to work together online.

If you would like to share your ideas and concerns about the future of DRPS with me, directly, please do not hesitate to write to me at sevenhills@parliament.nsw.gov.au .

Warm regards,


Mark Taylor MP

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