Darcy Road Public School P&C

Why Join P&C ?

Recent research has shown that the vital ingredient for students’ engagement and learning is parental participation.

Schooling is a complex process and student disengagement from learning is happening as early as primary school at increasing rates. Children need help and support from their parents to succeed at school. Parents cannot fully understand the changes that have taken place in education in the last few decades unless they see it in action. Parents are encouraged to become involved in identifying and advocating for educational improvements through participation in their local P&C.

In Public School’s parent participation is legalised through legislation. Parents are entitled to receive complete information about their children’s progress as well as the courses and educational programs on offer at the school. Parents have a right to know and participate in the development of plans and policies for the running of the school. These include the school’s approach to student welfare and discipline, finance, excursions and many others. These rights exist because the government has recognised the importance of parental involvement and understanding in the educational process. 

However, on their own, many parents do not know their rights or understand how to use them effectively. Active involvement and information sharing are available to every parent who joins the P&C. Not only do DRPS P&C support the school as a whole, but they are a great support for the parents community who get involved. 

Who can join DRPS P&C?

The P&C membership is open to parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, students and members of the community who resides in the Darcy Road Public School catchment. By working together, we can make a difference.

How You Can support P&C?

P&C Associations are made up of busy and committed parents. The role of the P&C is unique to every school and is determined by the parents who attend meetings. DRPS P&C Association meet every first Monday of month during school term. 

As decisions can only be made by the agreement of a majority of members, meetings are an important part of P&C procedures. Members do not need to attend every meeting, however, regular attendance is the best way to find out what is happening. It will also ensure that decisions are carried out and funds are spent according to the wishes of the majority. 

In addition to attending meetings, parents can actively participate and provide their support in activities such as:

  • provide technical support to run DRPS P&C Website and online uniform shop; 
  • provide active support to DRPS P&C Online uniform shop and at the shop;
  • provide volunteer support during various events P&C organises;
  • provide volunteer support in fundraising ideas and execution;

Parents can also support in establishing communications networks, email news groups and telephone trees for those parents who can’t attend meetings. These, together with the regular newsletter, ensure that parents are fully informed and their opinions are heard.